Do I have to pay any fees to publish with Pressed Clover Books?
No. We are a small, indie press. Your experience with us will not mimic that of a large corporation. That makes us different, but we are still a publisher in the traditional sense. We will not charge an author any fees to publish with us.

What services does Pressed Clover provide to authors?
If accepted for publication, manuscripts will go through a formal editorial and production process. Pressed Clover is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and adheres to their industry standards for a professionally published book.

What format will books be published in?
Pressed Clover may publish books in print, electronic, and audiobook formats.

Will you distribute to brick-and-mortar stores?

What marketing and promotion does Pressed Clover do for its book titles?
Each title will have an individual marketing and promotion plan created in development with the author. The plans may include social media and newsletter promotion, paid advertising campaigns, and publicity events. Pressed Clover views book marketing as a partnership with the author, and will expect them to promote their book across their own networks and platforms.

How much will Pressed Clover pay in royalties? What about an advance?
Authors will be offered a contract if their manuscript is accepted for publication. Due to the nature of contracts, and that we work individually with each author, we cannot put up specific numbers. We strive for equity and fairness in author compensation using industry standards as a guide.

I am working on a book but it's not finished yet. Should I send it for review?
No, do not send an unfinished manuscript.