Pressed Clover accepts unsolicited submissions in adult romance. Subgenres that we will review include contemporary, historical, paranormal, fantasy, and romantic suspense. Do not send manuscripts that glorify nonconsensual sex or violent relationships; we will not read them.

As a small, independent press, we take exceptional care with the projects that we are willing to take on for publication. Romance fiction is a distinct genre that has essential criteria. Readers who purchase in this category understand what they are looking for; our authors should, as well.

Pressed Clover is very particular about acquisitions. What are we looking for? Strong protagonists who the reader can connect with, a central plot that revolves around a love interest, an emotionally satisfying ending that results in a happy-ever-after, and superb writing. Our stories should reflect the diverse society that we live in, and (while not a requirement) we like it when a story turns up the heat. We embrace LQBTQIA+ - queer love is welcome here!

If you are excited about partnering with us to share your stories with the world, then please consider submitting your work. We are reading manuscripts with intent to begin our publication schedule soon.


Submission Instructions

We accept submissions via email. Do not mail any hard copies; they will not be read or responded to.

Submissions cannot be previously published; this includes self-published, blogging platforms, online forums, Wattpad, A03, et. al.

Font should be 12 point and double-spaced. Standard fonts such as Times New Roman are preferred.

Include a cover letter along with the full manuscript. Minimum word count is 50k. The cover letter should have: a brief background of the author, a general synopsis of the book (one paragraph), anticipated word count, genre/subgenre, if it is a planned series, and author's preferred contact details.

All submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF file format to submissions[at]pressedcloverbooks[dot]com

If your submission meets our criteria, we will read it closely and aim to respond within 8-12 weeks. As a small publisher, this may take longer. We ask that you wait 6 months before querying about the status of your submission. We will not further respond to, or review, submissions that do not adhere to our submissions guidelines, or that do not fall within the genre of adult romance.

Romance Shorts

Pressed Clover also accepts submissions of short stories, to be published in our intermittent email newsletter and shared with our subscribers. If you submit a short story, let us know if you are working on a larger project.